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Sovereign Soul World Therapies are Designed to Elevate & Enlighten You

& Help you Feel Fantastic

Kinesiology, Transmuting Emotional Stress, Optimum Nutrition &  Meditation

Can Facilitate Better Health, Freedom from Stressful Emotions & Mind Noise & Connect You to the Joy of Your True Soul Essence 





Meet Jules

I am passionate about Feeling the Best I can & Creating an Elevated State and all of my Therapies are designed on these principles.


I Love things that Uplift, Elevate and Nourish me so that I have the Energy and Vitality to do the things I Love, like Being Outdoors in Nature, Travel, Cycling, Walking, Kayaking, Yoga, Dance, Camping & having a Bit of Banter and a Laugh.


To stay in Top Form I Feed my Mind, Body and Soul things that Nourish it, like Eating Organic Food and Supplements, Doing Yogic Breath-work, Regular Exercise, Meditation & Movement Practise and Energy & Emotional Clearing.


I believe one of the Simplest Ways we as Sovereign Souls can affect Change in the World is to take care of our Energy, Mind, Body & Soul and to support each other in Business and Support Businesses that have always done things right. 


We vote and give power to SomeThing/One each and every time we spend our cash, Who are you gonna vote for today?


If you would like to become a Conscious Consumer and contribute to making someones Life Nicer see My Blog How to Become A Conscious Consumer

Services - Available both online OR in Person