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Sovereign Soul World Therapies are Designed to Elevate & Enlighten You

& Help you Feel Fantastic

Kinesiology, Transmuting Emotional Stress, Optimum Nutrition,

& Meditation

Can Facilitate Better Health, Freedom from Stressful Emotions & Mind Noise

& Connect You to the Joy of Your True

Soul Essence 





Meet Jules

I am passionate about Feeling the Best I can & Creating an Elevated State and all of my Therapies are designed on these principles.


I Love things that Uplift, Elevate and Nourish me so that I have the Energy and Vitality to do the things I Love, like Being Outdoors in Nature, Travel, Cycling, Walking, Kayaking, Yoga, Dance, Camping & having a Bit of Banter and a Laugh.


To stay in Top Form I Feed my Mind, Body and Soul things that Nourish it, like Eating Organic Food and Supplements, Doing Yogic Breath-work, Regular Exercise, Meditation & Movement  Practise, Energy & Emotional Clearing & Regular Facials


I believe one of the Simplest Ways we as Sovereign Souls can affect Change in the World is to take care of our Energy, Mind, Body & Soul and to support each other in Business and Support Businesses that have always done things right. 


We vote and give power to SomeThing/One each and every time we spend our cash, Who are you gonna vote for today?


If you would like to become a Conscious Consumer and contribute to making someones Life Nicer see My Blog How to Become A Conscious Consumer

Services - Available both online OR in Person


Sovereign Soul Food

Recipes & Tips

I am passionate about eating Organic where possible and using the best ingredients I can.


Eating Organic is Medicine for the Mind, Body & Soul and has the Power to Uplift and Heal us!


Non Organic Food often contains pesticides which are toxic to the body and have the power to affect our health negatively. It also means the body has to work harder to detoxify them.

As I make most of my food from Scratch, I will regularly share the tastiest ones.

All of these recipes are Gluten Free and Vegetarian, a lot of them are also Vegan or can be modified to Vegan and some of them are Anti Candida. 

I have recently been set the Challenge of finding or creating 20 minute Main Meal recipes, so I shall endeavour to create some Tasty Ones.

I also Love Sweet Treats and home baked Gluten Free Cakes and Breads & look forward to sharing my Favourite Recipes with You! 

Bon Appetite & Enjoy! 

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