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How to become A Conscious Consumer

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

We vote and give our Power & Support to Something/Someone each and every time we spend our cash.

One of the Simplest ways to affect change in the World is to support each other in Business and Support Businesses that have always done things right.

For me I like to buy Organic, I like to try to buy Local where possible and I like to support Family Businesses, Real People and Businesses that have Good Ethics.

I really do not like the idea that any person is working in a sweatshop for a pittance for any product or service I buy, especially as most of the Companies that treat workers badly are making Billions

Before I buy anything I usually check out these website’s to see who the ethical guys are, they cover almost everything most consumers buy


The good shopping guide provides league style charts of how companies score in many areas such as Human Rights, Environmental Impact and what Companies give Political and Armament Donations

A couple of new sites have popped up lately with databanks of real people providing services although UK based may can be used for their online services

The Companies that I use are as follows:

This Company was founded by 2 cousins with an unstoppable passion for natural food, clean eating and healthy living.

The Good Club, Stock a good range of Organic products with a Big Focus on Zero Waste Shopping! Go to their website to find out more and if the company resonates with you then click this link to receive a free starter pack and I receive £10 for the referral

The company that I use for most of my skincare is Neals Yard Remedies a 41 year family run business who have scored 100% at the the good shopping guide for years when no other Company was close.

I am a consultant for Neals Yard Remedies and this is my Online replicated website.

The notion that we can affect any sort of change by going to a ballot box every 4 or 5 years is naive at best. We all have the Power to Affect Change quicker than that by withdrawing support from companies with very little ethics and investing in making our fellow human beings lives better by supporting their business or at least supporting a Company who treats their workers and the environment well!

Who are you Gonna Vote for Today??

Namaste and Have a Great Day

Jules Bee

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