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How do distant/remote energy healings work & what happens in a session

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Energy travels across time and space instantaneously, Quantum Physics Experiments have shown that when a particle is connected to another particle miles away, when 1 particle is manipulated in some way the other acts simultaneously without any time delay.

When you talk to someone online you instantly connect, regardless of where you are in the world. It’s the same with a distant energy healing. Distant energy healings are not limited by the need to be in the same room.

What I do before, during a session and after a remote healing

Before the Session, I set Sacred Space this is a Shamanic Technique I have worked with for many years.

In the first part of the session we talk about Your Goals and any issues you are having.

We formulate Your Goal into words and then I ask “ In order for (persons name) to achieve this goal, what has to happen”

As we talk I often get information. I then use Kinesiology (on my own body) to get answers from a vast array of sheets and books from the branches of Kinesiology I have trained in, along with other books I have and my own knowledge.

We discuss each piece of information as I find it. This can be very enlightening. We do this until there is no more information to find.

For example; If 1 of the things that had to change was an emotional stress, programme or an unresolved emotional stress from the past, of feeling overwhelmed, I discuss what you would prefer to feel instead, i.e Calm and Confident.

So as part of Your Session I do an energy healing to transmute the emotional stress of feeling Overwhelmed and transform it into something more useful, like you feel Calm and Competent.

To some people this might sound a little of the wall, but everything is energy and as Bruce Lee points out, you can change the form of water to ice or you can vaporise it to nothing.

So in much the same way that you can filter water to purify it and add minerals to enrich it, you can also purify your energy and add more useful emotions to Elevate You.

Some of the healing happens during the session as I identify it & sometimes I give you a technique to do.

Then at end the video session, you lie down somewhere that you will not be disturbed for approx. 25 mins and I do a remote healing for you.

This is done be me connecting to your energy field and doing what has been identified during the session.

The stress, block or issue might lie in a chakra, an energy body, a meridian or your aura etc, this is also identified during the session.

I sit in silence, enter a certain brainwave frequency (I have been meditating for years and I am excellent at holding space) I hold the space and send the energy healing and transmutation through intention.

I feel the energy in my hands and sometimes I get further information during this part in the form of words, pictures or knowing.

For me I know when the healing is finished because the energy simply stops. At that point I use a technique to disconnect our energy fields.

I then send you an email with any further information I got during the healing and any further advice and links that have been identified during the session

To do the session I use Zoom or Telegram to connect to you via video. Or if your connection is not great, we can go just speak over the phone. Though I do prefer to connect with you visually if possible.

The Benefits of distant energy healings

Being at home is an excellent place to have a healing session. You can lie in the comfort of your own bed or couch and enjoy the remote healing.

You don’t have to leave your home & you don’t have to spend time travelling

I recommend that you give your self some alone time after it, perhaps enjoy some fresh food or do some light gardening or go for a walk in nature or journal, doing something outdoors is good if the weather permits.

Most people feel a positive shift and feel lighter or uplifted after a session with me. DRINK LOTS OF WATER OR HERBAL TEAS AFTER YOU HAVE HAD A HEALING SESSION.

I incorporate a method I was taught in Kinergetics of providing the body and energy field with (energetic) optimum nutrition, hydration and electrolytes at the start of the session and an electrolyte correction at the end.

It is well know in a lot of healing techniques that people can have what is called a “Healing Crisis” , I have had them myself, where I have felt absolutely awful for about 24 hours or so after it and then absolutely amazing the day after that.

The reason it happens is because more energy has been released than what the body and light bodies can cope with.

I have never had anyone tell me that they have had a healing crisis after a session with me, which I attribute to using the method stated, but it is something to bear in mind.

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