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Qualifications, Training & Skills

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

2010 Kinergetics Kinesiology – Vida Kinesiologia – Barcelona, Spain

2011 Touch for Health Kinesiology – Harmony College, Glasgow Scotland

2007 Reiki Masters – Goa, India - ( A 2 Year Course )

2005 Reiki 2 Practitioner – Robert Ross Reiki – Edinburgh, Scotland

2005 NLP Practitioner – Bronze Dragon Training, York, England

2013 Laughter Yoga & Meditation Teacher – Manda Stretch, Findhorn, Scotland,

2014 Beauty Facial Practitioner – Natural Therapy Studios, Glasgow, Scotland

2014 Hopi Ear Candle Practitioner – Natural Therapy Studios, Glasgow, Scotland

During my travels I have been fortunate enough to come across many therapists practising a wide range of therapies, I have done courses in of each of these;




Kinesiology – Kinergetics, Touch for Health & Creative Kinesiology


Martial Arts - Systema

Massage – Many Styles

Nutritional Therapy


Panchakarma Ayurveda

Past Life Healing





Shirodhara Ayurveda


I am an explorer and love to try new things that look at things from different perspectives.

As well as my official qualifications I have studied and practised extensively the following modalities


Pranayama Breath-work

Sound Healing – Tuning Forks

Energy Healing

Yoga – Many styles

Chakra Toning

Pal Dan Gum



I have also taken part in the following Shamanic Ceremonies, most of them multiple times and would personally recommend them all, most of these I have done abroad, some of them are not legal in Scotland.





Psilocybin Mushrooms


The above Plant Medicine's (Kambo is a Frog Medicine) can be powerful Healers and Great Revealers and I have always, for the most part had very pleasant experiences on them. Sometimes they reveal your True Soul Consciousness to you, a Connection to your Higher Self, other times they Heal You or they show you what needs to Heal within you or you will Receive Guidance on your life.

And other times you leave your body and go to a completely different dimension where other beings live. They are completely life changing so you have to be Super Sure that you are ready to Expand your Consciousness before taking them and also check if you have any health conditions that recommend that you don’t take them.

Please, please do Your Own Research if you are contemplating doing Ayahuasca, Psilocybin Mushrooms or DMT and do so at a Proper Ceremony where Sacred Space is being held by a Shaman or Practitioner who will look after you during it.

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