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My Services


Are Designed to Elevate Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul


To Enlighten You, helpYou Feel Fantastic, Improve Your Health & Wellbeing or Achieve a Goal.

You are what you eat/think/feel/listen to and what you carry in Your Nervous System from Previous Experiences, Ancestral Energies & the Environment!

What would You like to Transmute, Improve or Achieve, so that You can Evolve to the Next Level?

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I initially met Jules through a friend's recommendation. I had goals which at the time seemed unattainable.

Jules was able to identify the emotional stress which was blocking me from achieving them and at the end of the session I felt Fantastic.

Within a month I had accomplished those goals! I have since went on to have multiple sessions with Jules and all have had the same outcome.

I feel so uplifted and enlightened by our sessions and I have learned so much about myself.


I can't recommend Jules enough. She is a true healer and simply amazing at what she does! 

Nicola Conell

April 22

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The experience of Kinesiology was new to me and I didn't know what to expect. Jules explained it all and I quickly relaxed into the lovely chilled ambience she had created for me!


It allows your body to let go and together you find the answers to your emotional, nutritional and spiritual needs.


It is quite unbelievable how it works but it does and the experience is fun, relaxing, and very liberating. It has made a big difference to my Well Being and embodies mind, body and soul perfectly!


I would Highly Recommend it to anyone wishing to Enhance their Life!


Rhona Cameron

April 2022

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