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As a Soul We are Limitless and Free

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

As a Soul we are Limitless and Free, our Natural way of Being is At Ease, Harmonious, Love, Peace, Joy, Enlightened, Creative & a Whole Lot More!

When we come into a body we take on the Emotional Programmes and Unresolved Trauma of our Ancestors as well as our Past Life Issues and Trauma, which are stored in our Subconscious Mind/Energy & Body.

Also in the subconscious is all the “stuff” we have been programmed with, from the Schooling we received, the Cultural Norms, any Religion we may have been assigned, Political Preferences, our Parents and Peers Expectations of us, any This Life Unresolved emotional Stress/Patterns and Unhelpful Skillsets etc.

All of this “stuff” can dramatically cut us off from our True Soul Essence and what it is that Truly makes us Happy, as we pursue what we have been told is important. It can also inhibit us from being the Full Expression of our Authentic Self and living life to our Fullest Potential

As this is in our Subconscious and a lot of time has been spent on programming it there, it often remains hidden from us and we go about our lives running these programs on Automatic Pilot. Think about any skill or talent you have mastered, like tying your shoe laces or riding a bike, it is second nature to you and you do it easily without thought

The environment that humans live in and the quality of food has also changed dramatically over the last 50 -100 years with the introduction of many heavy metals, chemicals, toxins and poisons such as pesticides and the depletion of nutrients in the soil, and electromagnetic smog from all of our devices which all can wreak havoc on our bodies, energy fields and the way we think and feel.

The Good News is that much of this can be Changed by Changing your Diet, Developing a Meditation and Relaxation Routine, Practising Self Awareness & taking Regular Exercise.

You can do all of this by Yourself or if you feel you would like some help to Pin Point what would work Best for You, then I offer services which cover all of this.

I also offer services that Identify Emotional Stress. Patterns, Limiting Beliefs & Sabotages etc these are all Energies that can be Transmuted and Balanced.

Often in a session an Action is Identified to Help bring your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul into a state of Authenticity & Harmony, so that you can Live Life to the Fullest.

Other times I will do Energy Healing to transmute and transform the stress.

Ultimately we are all Co-Creator’s of our Life and it is up to us how we live it and what actions we take to stay Healthy, Happy, Harmonious and Sovereign.

I love to work with anyone who wishes to Achieve a Goal, Optimise their Health, Improve their Wellbeing & Feel their Best.

I am very drawn to Artists, Artisans, Creatives, Dancers, Empaths, Fitness People, Free Thinkers, Forward Thinkers, Hairdressers, Healers & Therapists, Innovators, Musicians, Pioneers, Organic Food Growers and Off Griders, Starseeds, Self Employed, Teachers, Travellers & People involved in Van Life and Tourism, Yoga Folk, Visionaries, the Unique and the Eccentric!

My passion for Optimum Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health means I am forever expanding my tool box with new knowledge and techniques! I am a free thinker and I like to think outside the box!

If You feel drawn to work with me then Book a Session or Drop me an Email.

Namaste and have a Great Day!

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